Terms and conditions of the equipment rental

1. A client of the rental can be any person over 18 years of age who accepts the rental regulations. With the signing of the rental agreement (borrowing), the client concludes a contract with the rental company compliant with the conditions included in the regulations.

2. The rental gives the sports equipment to the client’s disposal. Said sports equipment is the rental’s property.

3. The equipment may be rented by the client, who will show an undamaged, valid ID which contains the address of residence.

4. Parents or guardians are responsible for underage persons using the equipment rental. Minors have to wear a life-jacket

5. Every client of the rental declares that he or she is not under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants.

6. We reserve the right to refuse to rent equipment for other reasons (e.g. weather conditions).

7. The client renting the equipment is bound to check the technical condition and completeness of the gear and to provide any comments in case anything is wrong with it.

8. The client declares that he has the necessary knowledge about using the equipment and declares that he or she will care for it, use it safely and in accordance with its intended purpose. The client uses the equipment at his or her own risk.

9. During use of rented equipment, the general regulations of the swimming area apply, in particular the emergency call and right of way on the water.

10. The client bears material responsibility for the rented equipment and is bound to cover the costs of repairing or repurchasing it if he or she caused damage during use, which was not a manufacturing defect or natural wear, and resulted from its improper use (e.g., knee-to-sail collapse). The cost is determined by the rental company, after returning and checking the equipment by the employee. The client acknowledges that the equipment is not insured.

11. The client may purchase a voucher which can be used during the season in which it was bought (there is no possibility of refunding unused time from the ticket or changing its validity date).

12. The client pays a fee of 400 NOK for providing assistance on the water – in case of his own recklessness or failure to follow the advice of the rental staff.

13. The client regardless of the level of advancement, should stay on the water in a safety vest. Sport4Fun is not responsible for damage to a person which was caused as a result of not using a protective vest while being in the water.

14. The rental is not responsible for any accidents or damage to health which occurred during use of the rented gear. Water sports, in particular windsurfing, are extreme sports, and they require physical fitness and appropriate skills. Beginners are recommended to learn with an instructor.

15. The client agrees to take photos and videos of him or her during the course, training or renting, and for irreversible and free of charge repeated use of photos and footage obtained.

Terms and conditions of trainings and courses

1. The trainee declares that his or her state of physical and mental health allows him of her to take part in the course and training organized by Sport4Fun, he does not suffer from any chronic diseases or diseases that threaten his or her life. People with health problems should see a doctor before starting classes and can only start the course and training after getting the doctor’s consent.

2. Parents and guardians of underage trainees are required to provide current health status information of the participant and his predispositions when performing particular exercises ordered by the Instructor.

3. The trainee is bound to follow instructor’s assignments regarding behavior on classes and particularly how to perform exercises and tasks.

4. It is a trainee’s duty to inform the instructor before exercises about their each indisposition, deteriorated health condition and other restrictions preventing from performing the exercises.

5. Showing on classes means there are no contra-indicators to perform water sports.

6. The school of water and winter sports Sport4fun is not responsible for the violation of health and life resulting from participation in performing sports exercises organized in accordance with all sports regulations.

7. For the duration of the course and training, each participant is responsible for his or her insurance against civil liability, the consequences of any accidents, injuries and their consequences during classes both in water and on land.

8. It is forbidden to undertake activities both in water and on land by a trainee who is under the influence of alcohol or other similar substances (intoxicants) and taking such measures during the course and training. A trainee is responsible for damaging of property, injuries or violation of own or third parties’ health and life or situations caused by a trainee who is drunk or after using drugs but also problems resulting from improper use of the equipment, improper execution of instructors’ exercises and not following the regulation.

9. Parents and guardians accept the regulations of the windsurfing school by signing the child up for classes.

10. The trainee may purchase the course in the form of an individual or group package. The package can be used during the season in which it was purchased (there is no possibility of refunding for unused hours from the package or changing its validity period). In the 2018 season, packages are valid until 15/09/2018.

11. The trainee is bound to take care of the equipment assigned to him or her for activities on water and on land.

12. The trainee is bound to immediately notify the instructor about damage to the equipment used during classes and other gear which is property of Sport4Fun.

13. The trainee is bound to use rented equipment only for its intended purpose during the course; using the equipment rented from Sport4Fun outside of the classes must be agreed with the instructor or school staff each time.

14. These regulations apply to sports events organized by Sport4Fun and apply to windsurfing training, regardless of the level of advancement of trainees.

15. The instructor has the right to cancel classes if the weather conditions don’t allow to conduct them or will affect the safety of the trainees. Overdue classes will take place at another prearranged time.

16. The instructor may refuse to conduct lessons if the trainee is under the influence of alcohol (or other intoxicants), in which case he or she won’t be entitled to get a refund.

17. The trainee is bound to be on time at the place where classes start.

18. The trainee is bound to inform the instructor about possible absence at least a day before the beginning of the classes. If the trainee is late for the paid lesson, there is no possibility to extend the lost time – classes will be conducted up to the previously reserved hour. In case of the instructor being late, the trainee is entitled to use the lost time in another time prearranged with Sport4Fun.

19. The trainee, regardless of the level of advancement, should participate in windsurfing classes in a safety vest. Sport4Fun is not liable for damage to a person caused by trainee’s failure to wear a safety vest during the training.

20. The trainee agrees to take photos and videos of him or her during the course, training or renting, and for irreversible and free of charge repeated use of photos and footage obtained in this way. Consent covers the use, preservation, processing and reproduction of materials obtained in this way through any medium, in particular the Internet publication.